home improvement projects in dallas autumn 2017

Popular Home Improvement Projects in the Dallas Area This Fall (2017)

With cooler weather on the horizon, you may find yourself spending more time at home. But, what if the feel and function of your house bring you more aggravation than joy? You’re not alone. Over a quarter of homeowners say they wish they remodeled differently after they first purchased their home, according to a Trulia survey on real estate regrets. A third of homeowners also said they wish they had chosen a larger space.

When buyer’s remorse sets in, homeowners have two options: sell and upgrade or remodel their current residence. Although the potential to make money on a home sale in Dallas is strong, the current market conditions make it difficult for budget-savvy buyers to upgrade after they’ve sold.  

According to the latest S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Dallas is among the top three U.S. cities with rapidly rising prices. Skyrocketing values even hold true in once affordable neighborhoods like Lake Highlands, where developers and luxury buyers are arriving in droves.

Fortunately, it’s never too late for a facelift and renovations don’t have to cost a fortune. To enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a look you can be proud of, consider the following cost-effective outdoor projects that are best completed in the fall season.

Front Door

Freshly painted front doors noticeably enhance a home’s façade. The cost of such a project is low and allows for an 80 to 140 percent average return on investment (ROI). Pick a cool afternoon in late September or October, when the temperature is at least 50 degrees during the day and above 40 degrees at night. Otherwise, the paint might not adhere properly or could potentially freeze before drying fully.


Splintered or rickety decks are both unattractive and potentially hazardous. Plus, if you plan to sell soon, blatant disrepairs might make buyers question the rest of the home’s condition. With a permit in tow, have an expert refresh or repair your deck for an 80 to 120 percent ROI. The useable outdoor space will be a sanctuary and social center once spring rolls around, helping smaller homes feel much larger when the weather permits.

Exterior Painting

Chipping or faded paint undoubtedly makes homes look dated and bland. Imagine how different your home could look wrapped in a crisp and consistent color palette. The average cost for a full exterior paint job is between $1,000 to $3,000 for a 1,500-square-foot (single story) home. And, such an investment can help properties sell for up to 10 percent more than comparable homes, experts say. Expect an ROI between 60 to 100 percent to be on the safe side.


Roof repairs can be a costly undertaking, but the peace of mind of a working roof is second to none. A new roof offers a 50 to 100 percent ROI, depending on your market. Even if damages are solely cosmetic (i.e. no leaks), fixing eyesores may minimize many of the criticisms or concerns you have of your current abode.

Window Replacement

Perhaps you purchased an older home filled with immense charm to later find that your utility costs are through the roof (literally). Aside from insulation, the main culprit of escaping heat or air conditioning could be old windows, which adds a considerable amount to your household’s energy usage and utility bill. Old windows can be replaced with energy-efficient versions designed to keep heating and cooling inside. Not only do they save you money in the long run, new windows look modern and help satisfy your urge for a transformed space.

If you’re considering an interior revamp, kitchen and bathroom remodels typically make the most dramatic improvement and could potentially add thousands to your home’s value. For homeowners in North Dallas, where the average list price is well over $1 million, overhauling a dated or dysfunctional kitchen offers massive resale potential. Given the busy selling season starts in spring, homeowners can be ready to list their modernized interiors right when buyer demand nears its peak.

Of course, renovating solely for yourself rather than resale is always an option. Even minor alterations can diminish many, if not most, of those homeowner qualms. Contact LoneStar Remodeling to start transforming your home into the space you truly desire today.