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Popular Home Improvement Projects in the Dallas Area This Fall (2017)

With cooler weather on the horizon, you may find yourself spending more time at home. But, what if the feel and function of your house bring you more aggravation than joy? You’re not alone. Over a quarter of homeowners say they wish they remodeled differently after they first purchased their home, according to a Trulia survey on real estate regrets. A third of homeowners also said they wish they had chosen a larger space.

When buyer’s remorse sets in, homeowners have two options: sell and upgrade or remodel their current residence. Although the potential to make money on a home sale in Dallas is strong, the current market conditions make it difficult for budget-savvy buyers to upgrade after they’ve sold.  

According to the latest S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Dallas is among the top three U.S. cities with rapidly rising prices. Skyrocketing values even hold true in once affordable neighborhoods like Lake Highlands, where developers and luxury buyers are arriving in droves.

Fortunately, it’s never too late for a facelift and renovations don’t have to cost a fortune. To enhance your home’s curb appeal and create a look you can be proud of, consider the following cost-effective outdoor projects that are best completed in the fall season.

Front Door

Freshly painted front doors noticeably enhance a home’s façade. The cost of such a project is low and allows for an 80 to 140 percent average return on investment (ROI). Pick a cool afternoon in late September or October, when the temperature is at least 50 degrees during the day and above 40 degrees at night. Otherwise, the paint might not adhere properly or could potentially freeze before drying fully.


Splintered or rickety decks are both unattractive and potentially hazardous. Plus, if you plan to sell soon, blatant disrepairs might make buyers question the rest of the home’s condition. With a permit in tow, have an expert refresh or repair your deck for an 80 to 120 percent ROI. The useable outdoor space will be a sanctuary and social center once spring rolls around, helping smaller homes feel much larger when the weather permits.

Exterior Painting

Chipping or faded paint undoubtedly makes homes look dated and bland. Imagine how different your home could look wrapped in a crisp and consistent color palette. The average cost for a full exterior paint job is between $1,000 to $3,000 for a 1,500-square-foot (single story) home. And, such an investment can help properties sell for up to 10 percent more than comparable homes, experts say. Expect an ROI between 60 to 100 percent to be on the safe side.


Roof repairs can be a costly undertaking, but the peace of mind of a working roof is second to none. A new roof offers a 50 to 100 percent ROI, depending on your market. Even if damages are solely cosmetic (i.e. no leaks), fixing eyesores may minimize many of the criticisms or concerns you have of your current abode.

Window Replacement

Perhaps you purchased an older home filled with immense charm to later find that your utility costs are through the roof (literally). Aside from insulation, the main culprit of escaping heat or air conditioning could be old windows, which adds a considerable amount to your household’s energy usage and utility bill. Old windows can be replaced with energy-efficient versions designed to keep heating and cooling inside. Not only do they save you money in the long run, new windows look modern and help satisfy your urge for a transformed space.

If you’re considering an interior revamp, kitchen and bathroom remodels typically make the most dramatic improvement and could potentially add thousands to your home’s value. For homeowners in North Dallas, where the average list price is well over $1 million, overhauling a dated or dysfunctional kitchen offers massive resale potential. Given the busy selling season starts in spring, homeowners can be ready to list their modernized interiors right when buyer demand nears its peak.

Of course, renovating solely for yourself rather than resale is always an option. Even minor alterations can diminish many, if not most, of those homeowner qualms. Contact LoneStar Remodeling to start transforming your home into the space you truly desire today.

why experience matters - home remodeling

Why Professional Experience is Important for Home Remodeling

Making the decision that it’s time to do some remodeling to your home can be scary. Deciding which rooms or areas you would like to remodel is stressful. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of research to decide where and how to accomplish your home remodeling goals. Hiring someone with professional experience to help you is one simple way to ensure a fast and successful outcome. The following are some reasons why hiring a contractor with professional experience is important.

1. Budget

Someone with professional experience will know how important it is to keep within the budget that both parties agree upon. Some home owners have to scrimp and save for years to be able to afford a remodel they desire. After expressing home remodel goals, a contractor with professional experience will be able to inform you how closely they will be able to stay on budget. They can make suggestions about ways to save money in certain places in order to ensure that everything on your checklist gets accomplished. They can advise you about what is realistic for the things you’d like to change in your house with the budget you would like to stay within. With their many years of professional experience, we know what materials will last, and end up saving you in the long run. We can help you with a budget that works for you with

2. Knowledge

In many cases, you know that you want to change a certain area or room in your home but you don’t know how to change it. In other cases, you have a vision of what you want to change in a particular area but you’re not sure how it can be accomplished because of layout or surrounding area issues. A contractor with years of professional experience has this knowledge because he or she has seen many different house layouts and designs. We can help guide you and give ideas about how you can fulfill those dreams.

3. Efficiency

Being able to accomplish home renovation tasks in a certain timeline is extremely important. Someone without professional experience will require much more time to complete a home remodel because they will be learning how to do things on their own as they go along. On the other hand, someone with years of professional experience will be able to breeze through tasks because they have done similar remodels many times before.

4. Skill

Having skills should be the most important contractor characteristic to a home owner who is looking to hire one. Only an experienced professional will have the skill necessary to do the job correctly. Practice makes perfect, and they have lots of practice! We have all heard the horror stories about a home remodel gone wrong because someone didn’t have experience in what they were doing. Don’t let that happen to you. A contractor with professional experience is a good way to avoid that type of situation.

Lone Star Remodeling has 35 years of experience with construction and remodeling. Our team will make the process simple and stay within your budget and timeline. We have the knowledge and skill to complete small, easy tasks or complete room or whole home make-overs. Let us know what you need and we will be happy to help you accomplish your home remodeling goals.

Home Remodeling: the best choice

Home Remodeling: Why it’s the Way to Go

You’ve lived in your home for many years. When you first built or bought your house, it was immaculate.  In 1982, dusty blue carpet, mauve cabinets, and floral pastel wallpaper were trendy. Now those trends are outdated. The thought of doing any type of home remodeling scares you. But you want to love the way your home looks as well as it’s function. You can’t even imagine your house in the country home style that you see in magazines. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you should use your time and money to update your house or to try to search for the home of your dreams elsewhere. We love remodeling, so we can think of a few reasons why you might need to do a home remodeling.

Your Current Situation Has Changed

Whether or not you’ve lived in your home for 20 years or 2 months, you love it. You chose it, whether you built it in 1982 or bought it in 2017. The area is prime and you love the neighbors that you have. A great floor plan can go a long way. Maybe you saw your children take their first steps in this house. Or maybe it is your first home as a married couple. You chose it because it was affordable and the perfect size for your current situation. Whatever the reason, you’ve developed an attachment to your house.

However, now your kids are grown and moved out. The once perfect size and layout aren’t so perfect anymore. You want to turn the kids’ room into a sewing and crafting room. Or maybe you want to turn an old playroom into a man cave with the perfect TV and sound system.

Maybe you’ve never had the means to have something on your dream home list and now you do. You’ve always wanted a back patio to enjoy summer nights and barbecues but you’ve never been able to afford it until now.

Your situation could be that now you’re just starting to have kids. You need to turn a craft room into a baby nursery or a man cave into an office. Life changes and you have to change your house to keep up with it.

You Want to Make it Your Own

Forbes spoke with Architect Mark Demerly who stated that he’s noticed more and more people who are fixing up their homes with the intention of living in them for a longer period of time. Maybe your house isn’t even outdated, but it’s just not your style (whether or not it was when you first bought it). Maybe you want built-in bookcases, fresh new paint, or French doors going into your study. You want to put your own stamp of “YOU” on it. You want to feel comfortable in your own house and live in it for a long time.

Moving is Harder than Home Remodeling

Even though it may not seem like it, moving may actually take more time, effort, and money than a home remodeling. First, you have to search for the perfect home. This could take months. Even then, you might have to settle for something that might not include everything on your dream home checklist. You could also build your dream home but it can also take months to find land, design, and build your home. It can also be quite expensive to pay for that dream checklist. In either scenario, you’ll have to leave your quiet neighborhood with nice neighbors and friends. You might even have to find a new job depending on how far you have to go to find everything on your checklist. Starting life all over is harder than just changing a few things in your current house.

Home remodeling doesn’t have to be a scary thing. We can help you with all of your remodeling needs, whether it’s because you have recently experienced a life-changing event, you want to make your house more your style, or because you love your house and don’t want to move. Let us make your house the home of your dreams.